Warp 9 adjustable Kickstand

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This Kickstand is a must have if you upgraded to different size wheels. It lets you adjust it up and down so your bike stands up strait.
  • An Adjustable Kickstand for the surrons
  • Spring Pin is shorter than oem kickstand to allow for wider tires and more clerance
  • Mid Adjustment fits Surrons with 19” / 16” wheel combo’s
  • Full Adjustment Fits surrons with 21” / 18” Wheel combo’s
  • Shortest adjustment fits Surrons with as small as 16” wheel front and rear.
  • Ultra-strong Machined Steel pivot head with lightweight tubular steel body and aluminum Foot
  • Includes a spring puller to reuse the oem kickstand spring
  • Magnet in head so you can retain the kickstand lockout if you run it

Bike Fitment

  • Surron Light Bee
  • Segway x260
  • upgraded warp 9 peg lower kit for surron and talaria
  • Talaria sting mx4 OEM peg brackets

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