E-Ride Pro SS Recommended Upgrades, Tier 2

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 This is our tier 2 recomended upgrades for the E-Ride Pro SS E-Moto, if you havent purchased Tier 1 yet here it is. Tier 1 E-Ride Pro SS must do upgrades

  • Rippin Moto direct mount stem - Fits with the stock display
  • Warp 9 stem lock
  • Warp 9 Rear Rotor Guard
  • Warp 9 Axle Blocks


Rippin Moto direct mount stem:

  • This is a great upgrade over the oem stem. A direct mount style stem/bar mount adds support and stiffness to the handlebars, it also keeps them from getting twisted in crash or hard hits.

Warp 9 Stem lock:

  • This is a must do upgrade if your upgrading to a direct mount stem. this locks your bearings tight so you have no play in your headset. without the stock stem you lose most of your support for holding your headset tight.

Warp 9 Rotor guard:

  • This is a great upgrade for riding in technical riding, it protects your rotor from rock, branches, tree trunks and anything else you might hit wile riding.

Warp9 Axle Blocks:

  • These are one of our favorite upgrades, they keep your chain tension correct way better that the oem axle blocks. they also make it way easier when taking your wheel on and off or switching between multiple wheel sets.





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