Fastace Fork 2.0 With Custom Tuning

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Custom Tuning Option: Stock 37lb Spring
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This fork is a great upgrade if you are running the RST Killah, DNM Volcano, or the KKE Fork. This fork is 10x better than those 3 forks. 


  • SFK German Seals fixing the leaking problem Fast Ace forks are prone to (only on Custom Tuned Versions)
  • Rebuild and tune of the fork with your choice of sting stiffness for a reasonable price
  • Transforms the fast ace into a legitimate fork for these bikes


The Fastace fork  is able to handle tough trail riding and real jumps. Unfortunately the Fastace comes with a 37lb spring installed. This stock spring works great for lightweight riders who cruise on fire roads or the streets but if you are a heavier rider or plan to hit some more advanced terrain or jumps you will really appreciate the custom options we are now offering.
With any of the custom options we are removing the stock oil and dust seals and replacing them with Low Friction German SKF made seals. These seals provide superior leak protection, 20% less friction, and are designed to last for a very long time.

We have known for a long time that the weakness in the stock Fastace fork is made with lower quality seals that over time will develop leaks.... the German SKF seal upgrade fixes this issue. 

The coil spring is also replaced with a stiffer version.  We are offering either a 50lb spring, a 60lb spring or (for heavy or extreme riders) a 60lb spring with damper re-valving and thicker 7w fork oil.

We are selling The forks in 3 configurations


Bikes this Work with

  • Talaria Sting mx3
  • Talaria Sting mx4/R
  • Talaria XXX/X3
  • Surron light bee
  • Segway X260
  • E-Ride Pro SS
  • 79Bike Falcon M

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